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In the Name of Allah, the most gracious,the most merciful…

Khadeejah (r.a) : the first person to embrace Islam, She was a business-women of great honour and fortune.

Sumayya (r.a) : the first person to die for Islam,

Aiyshah (r.a) : the greatest scholar of Islam,

Faatimah (r.a) : the person who loved our Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) the most, Khansaathe person who did the biggest sacrifice for Islam in one day was a women,

Kawlah Bint Al- Azwar : One of the greatest fighters in Islamic history who fought on the back of horses.... etc.

A mehar women is some one who is pure, chaste, pious, religious, expressive, respectable, believes in freedom, dignified, warm, loving, caring, obedient, mature, dedicated, adaptable, sacrificial and who have always contributed her worth to the society.

And it is all about us bringing out different expressions of a women in a way she looks at herself ,and the way she wants the people around to look at her...Alhamdulillah We have been successful in doing it and 16 years of our existence confirms the whole story.

We have protected her from the decadence of life , pampered her, beautified her, understood her, expressed her and cared for her and set her apart from every ordinary women and satisfied her follow all her religious obligations in the most beautiful and appropriate manner, and that is why Mehar hijab is been widely appreciated worldly.

Who We Are

Being the first monopoly company in the history of Kerala, who for the first time started manufacturing and marketting Hijabs in 1997, a huge set up where the cotton yarns transform into modest clothing, the founder K.A. Mohammed following the idea of his late mother Safiya Kunnil Abdullah, had envisoned the future prospects of the business. She was the one who came up with the idea and he was the one who made it into reality which would have been impossible without Allah Subahanahu Wa Ta'ala s Will. Alhamdulillah, meharhijab, soft cotton arabian scarves was accepted whole heartedly by the womenfolks and it became a successful beginning.

Our History